About the Lodge

Welcome to Waddon Lodge 4162 in the province of Surrey

Waddon Masonic Lodge was formed in 1920. The first meeting took place at the Greyhound Hotel in the High Street Croydon and it’s members were originally from the local Waddon residents association.

We extend the same sincere and fraternal welcome to you visiting our website as to Brethren visiting our Lodge.

Already a mason?

If you are already a mason, we may see you as a visitor at one of our meetings where you will be assured of a warm welcome, ritual with feeling, friendly and humorous company and an excellent festive board.

If you are a non-mason, the content gives information on Freemasonry in general and our lodge in particular – there are also links to other websites which may be of interest to you.  We hope that you will find our site informative but if you want to know more, please e-mail us.

United Grand Lodge of England

The United Grand Lodge of England is based in the heart of London at Great Queen Street. It is one of the oldest Grand Lodges in the world and is a grade 2 listed building both externally and internally with some of the most wonderful Art Deco features to be seen.

Did you know that UGLE is open to the public?

Boasting a fine museum and library for reference, members of the public can now explore the delights of Grand Lodge. Parts may look familiar as filming of the program Spooks was filmed here and Westlife held a video shoot there as well!

United Grand Lodge of England have produced an information booklet for those seeking to become a Freemason which is available on the UGLE website.


Thinking of Joining Freemasonry?

Whether your interest is the history of Freemasonry, the charitable aspect or social and sports events. Freemasonry really does have something to offer to men from all walks of life.